Power Bank Safety First

SunJoy is the first supplier successfully introducing power bank to the promotional product industry. As a technology export, we knew how the power bank would bring the promotional product sales increase and meanwhile we knew well the safety challenge of the power bank.

Power bank is not like hat. You cannot just buy blanks, run imprint and sell. Suddenly after we introduced the power bank to the promotional market, we did hear quite many recalls in the industry. We shared those cases internally: The power bank is not like the promotional hats that you can see and feel the quality by seeing and feeling. Instead, the power bank need to go with very strict process so that the quality and safety can be guaranteed.

What is the SunJoy’s process that assure power bank quality and safety?

To use the most reliable factories only 

Majority of the power banks came from the original USB flash drive factories. SunJoy worked with quite many major USB manufacturers and successfully helped some of the quality ones to develop and produce the power banks. All those factories we work have the following qualifications:
- Social responsibility certification
- RoHS certification for the component
- CE, FCC certification for the finished product
- Stick product process
- ISO certification
- Dedicated battery test and storage facility
- Strict battery and finished product test process
- Long-term proved responsibility and reliability

To use quality components only

The PCBA board, circuits and battery are the key components of the power banks. Every power bank’s PCBA board, circuits of each power bank factory were sent to our QA engineer for test and approval before use.  We used to use only the Grade-A battery from the top battery manufactures.  Recently, we increased the safety standard of the most popular 18650 battery power bank by using only UL certified batteries. We put the battery information on our label as “UL certified battery inside” for customer to identify. It significantly increased our cost but nothing is even more important than our customers’ safety.

Strick QA process before shipping

SunJoy is the only supplier that has facility to test each individual power bank order before shipping. We have not only a strict quality standard of the imprint color, packaging, et cetera, but also we have very clear process to test the power bank’s safety: 

Random test 10% of each individual power bank order

Full charge the power bank and release to assure each unit is at good and safe condition

Also we have a regular factory visit, interview and inspection process to assure all our factories follow our TQM standards. Still, the real time power bank TQM update and training is the key to avoid any issue caused by the upgrade or replacement of the components. After all, the electronic market changes every day, the only way to catch up with the pace is to keep changing.

UL or ETL certified chargers

We did get quite many feedbacks that some customers would never consider any power bank without certification. It is understandable considering the current supplier market that some customers may have to go with this approach to assure the safety by an independent third party certification. In response to such a demand, we introduced the UL or ETL certified power bank and chargers. We have a good selection of certified chargers of car charger, wall charger, power bank and, power bank plus wall charger 2-in-1, wall charger plus car charger 2-in-1 or car charger, wall charger and power bank 3-in-1 multi-function chargers. To meet all your promotion needs, we have a good selection of “giveaway” grade and “Premium” gift grade. And of course, we offer the lowest pricing, lower minimum of 10, and 7 day, 10 Day or 15 Day in hand delivery as we always do.

To learn more about how Sunjoy’s strict quality and supply chain management process that can bring you safe products with more savings, delivered on time at the lowest pricing and best quality, visit www.sunjoy.us and test our promise – you’ll be glad you did!