Leading The Changes And Innovation

Leading the changes and innovation for the promotional industry together with SunJoy.

When Sunjoy entered the Promotional Industry in 2007 our strategic plan included an entirely new business model for this very traditional industry. Our vision has been to create an operating platform that links end-users, distributors, factories and the Sunjoy branches in order to create value through innovation for all the partners in the supply chain.

This was a most challenging task to begin with since most of our factories are in China and they had no idea about what the real customers' needs were and also had little incentive to improve their products or how to create value for our customers. These factories are OEM factories that rarely get a chance to understand market needs. Instead they get a lot of misleading information and extreme pricing pressure from middlemen who intentionally create walls rather than windows or bridges between manufacturers and customers. As a result "made in China" gets a bad reputation and means poor quality merchandise. The Chinese factories are criticized as having no social responsibility for the products they produce. Considering all these obstacles our vision was nearly impossible to accomplish but we persisted.
What we came to find out after visiting hundreds of factories in China is that most of the factory owners are very honest, hard working individuals who are eager to know and learn the customer's requirements and needs. Through our vision and innovative new business we at Sunjoy have been committed to solve this problem.

Taking advantage of the newest, leading edge business technology alone with the innovative new business models of Google, Facebook and Dell we obtained a much better understanding of how to practically implement our vision and business model to better serve our customers and our factories and the industry at large. We are proud to say that we have made rapid progress in this process and by the end of 2010 we introduced our totally unique factory-distributor-direct platform that is truly revolutionary for our industry. This platform system is a combination of open ERP, e-commerce and social media marketing. We are excited to announce that it is now all coming together this year in 2011. Our system can now customize any promotional product quickly online, quote online for both Sunjoy and distributors and manage orders completely online from factory to distributor. Many new features are currently under development and we have plans to open this platform free-of-charge to everyone in the Promotional Industry. We plan to make it fully available in the near future and will let you know as soon as it is available for your use.

We invite all our friends in the industry to join us in this huge project to lead change and innovation together. It is a true TEAM effort - "Together Everyone Accomplishes More"!