Seamless Communication

Sunjoy's service has gotten even better. “Our aim is the most reliable, consistent service in the industry, bar none,” says Harrison Fu of Sunjoy “The company has experienced its fastest growth since conception, prompting some growing pains, but these signal maturity. Now our on-time delivery rate is an amazing 97.57% to 98.96% compared to the industry average of 91%, according to Counselor magazine’s 2015 State of the Industry report. In addition, Sunjoy was featured by Counselor as the 2012 “Fastest Growing Supplier.” Since then our company has accelerated to 57% volume growth in 2014. Incredible growth of over 100% during earlier 2015 resulted in operational pressure and some people left the company. But this painful pressure yielded the necessary changes so that Sunjoy quickly established a reputation for being the most reliable service and on-time delivery rate in the industry.”

“When people manage huge amounts of data, the key is helping them focus on the right data at the right time.” —
Harrison Fu, Sunjoy Group Inc.

First, the company changed its operational and workflow process. “Our previous process was based on a smaller business model when the company functioned very well with only a few highly experienced people familiar with the industry and all aspects of Sunjoy’s business,” Fu adds, “but with the extreme sales volume growth our people could not keep up. The old model was no longer working and necessitated a drastic change. As a result, the unique new process required our staff to each focus on a small but vital part of the daily business operation. The new process is much easier for new employees to learn, setting the stage for our company to position itself as the fastest growing supplier with the absolute best service in the industry.” The company is now set up with dedicated business teams for efficient account management including quotation, order entry, prototype approval, customer care, order execution and delivery. Every team operates with a true sense of urgency improving customer response time and service in all aspects.

Secondly, Sunjoy's centralized communications makes sure everyone is moving together to accomplish even higher rates of on-time delivery with almost zero errors. Fu explains: “We have created many automated processes and procedures that standardize the daily operation. So whenever there are any changes on an order, the changes will be recorded in our system with the proper people instantly notified. We have also implemented a self-instructing template system that records all communications as ‘template’ so that the next time the same order situation arises the system recognizes it and automatically adjusts itself. Then when the staff types certain ‘key words’ a new template will be generated and communicated to all members. As a safe guard, a member always has the capability to change the content before submitting the communication. Our people have simply fallen in love with this fail safe system.”

Finally, all Sunjoy’s business partners are also on the “same page.” The company’s external communication is the most advanced in the industry. All Sunjoy’s vendors can also log onto the system and manage any order themselves with “real time” information for all on-going projects. Vendors can easily update the real time status of any projects in the system. Therefore not only Sunjoy members but also its vendors get up-to-date information on all orders.

Keeping customers in the loop is also imperative. “For that we created auto email notification to customers for all key steps of any project,” Fu continues. “For example, when an order is received and booked in our system, a customized notification ‘PO xxxxx received’ will be sent to the customer immediately. If the order is missing any information, a message, ‘You order is incomplete, please respond’ will be sent to the customer. Nowadays, people respond to emails much faster than phone calls. By using this instant notification method, we have greatly improved our communication efficiency, reducing costs and greatly improving productivity.”

Above all, the centralized report and workflow status is the key to the system’s success. Since everything is recorded in the system there is absolutely no excuse for any member to be out of the loop and miss any information. “When people manage huge amounts of data, the key is helping them focus on the right data at the right time,” Fu says. The Sunjoy system can easily record every detail of the project allowing members to totally concentrate on what needs to be done at each step of the order process. To learn more please contact your Sunjoy Account Manager for a login and orientation.