On-Demand Promotion

On-Demand Promotion is not only a marketing message of SunJoy Group Inc but the vision, new method and unique service of the company. It is the daily practice of Sunjoy’s business that sets Sunjoy apart from ordinary suppliers. “While other suppliers bring in blanks and do custom imprinting, we offer on-demand supply that results in a one-of-a-kind promotion,” says Harrison Fu of Sunjoy. “This why our company slogan is ‘SunJoy, your value customizer!’ The goal of our business is to build the right customization process between manufacturers and distributors that will eventually offer one-of-a-kind promotion, i.e. on-demand promotion for the entire industry.”

“While other suppliers bring in blanks and do custom imprinting, we offer on-demand supply that results in a one-of-a-kind promotion. —Harrison Fu, Sunjoy Group Inc. 

There is no longer any doubt about the value of on-demand supply. First, you can have significantly more custom features and options. “Actually, we offer so many more features and options than other suppliers in the industry,” Fu says. “For example, our most popular Executive Power Bank (SKU PWB001), offers 10 stock colors, in addition to matching any custom color; five battery capacity; three imprinting methods (most other suppliers just do laser engraving on this item); two standard accessories; eight packaging options; and three delivery services. On top of all this, we offer a ‘sourcing service,’ which means you can customize the power bank any way you want.”

Second, you can enjoy big cost-savings. “Everyday low pricing is a proven Sunjoy deliverable that has made us extremely popular,” Fu says, adding, “We always guarantee the lowest pricing.” Normally when you offer more options the cost will be higher. However, Sunjoy has made this happen by efficiently managing the entire supply with advanced data forecasting, enabling all the partners in the supply chain to maintain the lowest possible “safe inventory.” This substantial cost-saving has been passed on to the final users.

Third, on-demand-supply allows supplier and distributor partners to be considerably more flexible and adaptable for any market fluctuations. A good example Fu shares: “From time to time we get an inquiry for a rush delivery of a huge volume of USBs. The customer did not qualify for the 10,000 unit delivery time but still needed to get the order in hand in five business days, including shipping time. In such a case, Sunjoy is the only choice. We have multiple USB manufacturers with all the components in stock. Each manufacturer has the capability to assemble tens of thousands of units per day. Even with the challenging imprint phase that is the slowest part of the process, we normally have our 10,000 piece order shipped the third day by air freight and delivered on the fourth or fifth day… But what really matters is that our five day delivery USB pricing (not to mention our 10 day USB pricing) is much lower than that of other suppliers’ 10 day or 15 day programs. We are not concerned with making more money in these rush and urgent situations, just taking care of customers. Our philosophy is that we should give our customer the most flexibility to manage such tough situations. When you help your customers in need and serve them beyond their expectations they will become your most loyal customers and the word will spread.”

You might ask, “Will normal on-demand production and supply be slower?” Actually it is the opposite. Sunjoy executes many five day delivery service orders that include shipping time. These orders end up being faster than most 24 hour shipping programs since ground shipping time is not included, which normally takes one to six days. Some of the most frequent orders for this service include: popular USBs, selfie sticks, car chargers, wall chargers, action cameras, clip mobile car stands and Wintour earphones.

Is the service reliable and consistent even though it has so many process steps? “We did experience some growing pains when we first started this model,” Fu says. “When the volume was small and the process was not mature. But nowadays, it is a totally different story. Thanks to our cutting-edge business management software, being developed since 2009, our vendors can log onto our system collaborating with us during all daily operations. And above all, we deal with our vendors as real business partners so they are willing to prepare all the components, people and operational processes necessary to meet our requirements. As a result, we and our partner vendors and distributors are always working together in real time responding to constant market changes. Our recent on-time delivery rate for the last couple weeks has been an amazing 97.57% to 98.96% rate compared to the industry average of 91% in 2014, according to Counselor magazine’s 2015 State of the Industry report.”

To learn more about how Sunjoy’s On-Demand Supply can bring you incredible savings, on-time deliveries at the lowest possible pricing and best quality, visit www.sunjoy.us.